The Nunn Family

The Nunn Family began when a sweet lady from Slate Mountain, Ziney Alzry Gammons, met a young gentleman from the Woodville Community, Clarence Olin Nunn.  After a fun-filled courtship, the young couple was married and began a lifetime together.  Even though times were hard  the Nunn family was able to raise tobacco, gardens, and farm animals to support the family.  During the course of many years that followed in Olin & Alzry's marriage, the family grew by 10:  Kelly, Mary Jane, Saford, Elvin, Rhonda, Vanise, Shirley, Ronnie Dale (RD), and Arnold & Alden (twins).  Early on the family was very involved in bluegrass music.  Olin and Alzry's love of bluegrass was being passed on to the younger children and later to the twins.  It was when the boys turned 8 that Olin their father decided to start each boy out on an instrument.  Alden began by playing the piano but soon switched to the fiddle.  Whereas, Arnold began with the fiddle and then switched to the piano and guitar.  Both boys continued to practice daily to fine tune their talents.  However, tragedy struck when the boys were 13.  Their father suddenly died.  At that time the twins focus turned to a huge responsibility of providing for their mom and keeping the homeplace running.  They raised tobacco, drove school buses, and worked in maintenance for the local elementary school.  By 19 Alden began working for the hospital and Arnold begain working for the Granite Corp in Mount Airy.   Alden developed a sense of wanting more so he began a bulldozer business with Arnold working part time for him.  In the summer of 1990, the boys merged their entrepreneurial hopes and began a fulltime excavation business.  Today, the business has grown beyond what either young man could have foreseen.  The business which started with a bulldozer and dump truck for clearing land and hauling gravels has grown into a business providing top of the line excavation services.  With the pressures of work at an all-time high, the "boys' found that their love of music had become their favorite past time alleviating much of the stress from the business.  Out of that passion came, the festival in the year of 1999.  Alden and Arnold wanting to have a place to continue the old-time traditions of bluegrass and to have a family oriented environment for everyone to enjoy decided to hold their 1st festival.  This vision is now growing annually from 500 attending the 1st year to well over 1500.  The festival runs Thursday through Sunday with local bands filling the afternoon and night air with the sounds of years gone by.......................Bluegrass at it's Best!